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Less is More – The Swift Folder

IMG_0034I travel to lots of interesting places for my job. A coworker said that a previous employee had packed a folding bicycle to take on business trips. The idea was really intriguing. Back in college, I used to bike 25 minutes to class and 25 minutes back rain or shine. It was a fun time and a car was hardly ever used.


Scouring the newsgroups and forums, I decided to try out a Swift Folder from Trophy Bicycles while in Philadelphia on business. Michael McGettigan, one of the co-owners of the shop was quite an advocate of folding bicycles. He would host the “Folder Fest” competition in Philadelphia that had received quite a bit of attention in the biking community.


The bike in mind was a custom model build by the designer, Peter Reich, that featured premium components such as:


  • A British racing green painted aluminum frame

  • Schwalbe Big Apple tires

  • Shimano XT components

  • Shimano Premium Nexus 8 speed hub

  • Brooks Saddle


I was thrilled to take it on a test spin. The first impression was that the shifting was quick and effortless! Shifting could occur while at stand still.


The bike was fast too, which came to my surprise. It was faster than my current Diamondback mountain bike, which had been the main bike for quite a while. 

This bicycle was actually a “scratch and dent”, so it purchased from the shop for a very fair deal. eing that I didn’t have a suitcase for it, they shipped it down to Florida.


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