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The Swift Folder: Impressions Part 1


Its been a couple of months since purchasing the Swift Folder. Rides now consist of braving the mean streets of Doral, FL and the “calmer” suburbs of Davie.   The following are a collection of things learned regarding this bike:


It seems that the current mountain bike handlebar causes my wrists to angle in, forcing an aggressive riding position to keep my wrists straight.

A curved handle bar of about 20 degrees was purchased to try to solve the problem. This felt great at first. Riding in an upright position, it was very comfortable. The angle plus having the handlebars closer seemed to help. Unfortunately, my hands had kept wanting to slide forward, requiring gloves. Aggressive riding positions felt uncomfortable compared to the straight handle bar.

An extra tall riser post was later purchased from http://www.xootr.com. That and the long 45 degree riser did the trick to make the straight mountain bike handlebar position feel more comfortable. Sizing a bike frame and geometry is very important to rider comfort. A few inches can make a big difference!

Changing the Shimano Grip Shifter:

Despite being happy with this, it needed one last touch. The Shimano grip shifter causes my right wrist to angle to the left. A rapid fire shifter from the Alfine series replaced the grip shifter for the Nexus hub. This was a very nice addition because the gears would accidentally change on certain handlebar grip positions with the grip shifter.


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