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The Swift Folder: Impressions Part 2



The Schwalbe Big Apples were nice and comfortable. Unfortunately, removal required deflating the tires because the tires are so wide (2”). I can across some “Greenspeed Scorcher” tires on the internet that should allow the wheel to be removed easier. They are slicks and supposed to have a little less rolling resistance than the Primo Comet, which seems to have some of the lowest rolling resistance according to the chart on this website: http://www.HPVA.com . The chart shows that rolling resistance should be about half(!) that of the Schwalbe Big Apples.

I was blown away at the difference in speed that could be achieved. Based on the GPS, about a 4 mpg average increase was the result. The ride quality was excellent. It is slightly more bumpy than the Big Apples, but not at all annoying at all. You still feel big bumps, like any rigid frame bike, so I feel nothing was lost and plenty gained.

Toe Clips:

Another item that I didn’t realize would offer a nice gain, about 2 mph. The LBS had a Chinese knockoff set for $10.00 that was added to the existing pedals.

Packing the Swift Folder:

The Swift Folder could be packed in about 40 minutes into a 31” Samsonite F’Lite case. So far, to disassemble the bike, the frame needs to be disassembled at the pivot point. More information will be posted when this packing technique gets refined.


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