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Xootr Mg Scooter – Las Vegas

I never considered a scooter until the Xootr Mg Scooter had peaked my interest on the website after purchasing the Swift Folder. It had the lowest rolling resistance of any scooter and could be the ideal method of human transportation for rides of less than 3 miles.

The freedom that the bicycle has given in traveling around a city was very much liked. The plan was to bring it on business trips, but for the shorter trips, it may be inconvenient because two suitcases (one for clothes and one for the bike) would have to be packed. With the Xootr Mg it could be packed into an existing Samsonite F’lite case, with plenty of room to spare for everything else.

So far, it has exceeded my expectations. It averaged a good 9 miles per hour according to the GPS. Hotels on the strip would probably have not been too receptive have a bicycle locked in front of the hotel or carrying a folded one inside. They didn’t care at all about the Xootr Mg as it was carried through the casinos.

It did have a bit of a “geek” factor to it when I first got on it. After having walked miles in Vegas, I was amazed at how effortlessly it glides past people on the street and how easy it was to ride it. After experiencing this, I didn’t care what anyone else thought…this is the best way to travel on the strip. Surprisingly, a lot of positive comments were received about the Xootr Mg.

You can take the back streets and arrive in a fraction of the time and cost it would have taken in a taxi. I used it for about 6 trips and at an average of $12 plus tip for a taxi, I saved $72.00. Also, I ate breakfast and lunch off the strip for additional savings. I also took a short jaunt to the Atomic Testing Museum. So bringing it on the trip paid for about of the cost of the Xootr Mg.

I did learn a few things about the scooter. First of all, it is FAST. I got a lot questions of where the motor is. NovaCruz, who originally made the Xootr and was later bought out by Xootr, had made an electric version of the Xootr called the EX3. It was later discontinued for various reasons. I think it had a real world range of about 3 miles and had a governed top speed of 17 mph. If you ask me, I think the electric scooter is completely unnecessary for the average person and 17 mph is overkill and probably dangerous on a scooter. As stated in the Xootr website, most energy is lost at 10 mph is due to overcoming rolling resistance. Past that, it is air resistance that needs to be overcome. 10 mph is more than enough considering that you would be traveling on a sidewalk. In Las Vegas, brakes were used a lot while putting minimal effort on the foot power. It is my opinion the average person would prefer something the weight 9 pounds and travels 10 mph versus something the weighs 20 pounds, travels 17 mph and has a 3 mile real world range.

The tires have exceptionally low rolling resistance. To achieve this, polyurethane was molded over an aluminum wheel. The trade off is that you will feel bumps and cracks on the sidewalk and rough pavement versus a traditional tire. You also have to keep your eyes open for road hazards as deep cracks could make for a nasty fall if you are not prepared. However, it is my opinion that the Xootr is perfectly suitable for any urban riding situation. I can’t imagine how one could seriously consider a Razor Scooter for urban commuting as those small wheels are far more susceptible to cracks on the streets.


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