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Miami Bike Summit

This was a gathering of individuals interested in helping out with Miami’s master bike plan. There was a high turnout of bicyclists of every walk of life. I learned that Miami was the 5th worst place to bike in the United States. That was a shocker considering I thought it was at least #1…

On Monday, June 15th, the City of Miami invites you to the first Miami Bike Summit at Jose Marti Community Center to discuss Miami’s Bicycle Master Plan. Meet city leaders, planners, cyclists and neighbors and learn about some of the ways Miami is becoming a more bicycle-friendly city.

From 6pm-9pm, learn about Sharrows, the benefits of bicycle parking, and what a central bicycle facility might mean for the City of Miami. To get a better idea of what the City is already doing, you can read the Bicycle Action Plan or email the Bicycle Coordinator, [masked] or just send me a message here!

Monday, June 15th.
Jose Marti Community Center (351 SW 4th St- Downtown Miami)
There will be maps of the city and markers so you can mark exactly where you think our city needs bike lanes, parking, signage… Note: this is the first of two public meetings that will take place to help guide the development of Miami’s Bicycle Master Plan. Also, please consider taking the City of Miami Bicycle Master Plan survey here, put together by planning group, the Street Plans Collaborative. Also, if you can’t make the Summit, you are encouraged to contact Collin Worth with your ideas and stay tuned for when they schedule the next one.

The Bike Miami Days Team will be on hand (of course) and we always want your ideas about us, too- Thank you and see you on June 15th!”


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