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Summers are hell in the garage…

Summers are way to hot and humid to work in a garage.   It started getting to the point where I had to wear a Camelback water pouch on my pack filled with ice just to stand the heat at night.

My father suggested that I move the portable AC downstair from the room.  A quick hole in the door opened the gateway to cool air in the garage.  Pure bliss!

BTW, the reason for the portable AC was to keep the master bedroom cool at night without running the whole house AC.  For a typical house, a 4 ton unit would be used.  That equates to about 7000 watts every time it is on.   A portable AC, such as this sharp unit, uses only 600 watts.  Why waste all of that electricity to cool the entire house when you can cool only the rooms that you use?    However, we eventually stopped using the portable AC because the energy savings greatly increased when we were forced to replace an old AC with an 18 seer dual compressor unit.  The dual compressor runs a smaller compressor to dehumidify the house and make it feel cooler, while keeping higher temperatures.   


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