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The Whole House Energy Meter – The First Real Solutions to Our Energy Problems

T5000displayI was recently invited to see a film, “Kilowatt Ours”.   It was decently produced and pretty informative.  They did address some issues that I think a lot of people have missed out on when making their homes more energy efficient.   The two important solutions were to first focus on changing your habits and make the house itself more energy efficient before changing your appliances and installing solar panels. 

For the habit changing part, here’s a product you may want to try out.  It is called the TED 5000 or “The Energy Detective” 5000.  Basically it is a whole house energy meter.  It lets you know, in real time, what your energy consumption is.   It will display exactly how much you are being charged per hour and how much power you are currently using. 

The installation is supposed to be super simple.  The best part is that it is wireless!  No cables are needed between the junction box and the display module.   The plan is to leave this in a high traffic area of the house.  That way you will constantly be seeing how much electricity the house is costing you per hour. 

As with most Americans, we are most motivated to change our habits when it hits us in the pocketbook.   At $249.00, it is not cheap.  However, I anticipate that it will pay for itself within a year.


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