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Real electricity savings by using a whole house electricity meter, the TED5000 – Part 2

Recently, I mentioned about the visual benefits of having a whole house energy meter in high traffic areas.  Now, I am going to show you additional tools that have taken it to the next level. 

The TED5000 interfaces, for free, with the Apple iphone!  Using the TED5000 app, you can walk around the house and get samples as to how much energy the house is using. 


The TED5000 also comes with a network interface so you can trend your energy usage.  The graphical interface is accessible by a web browser.   Just type in “TED5000” on your browser and up pops the screen.  Here is a sample screenshot:

Fullscreen capture 1152009 113512 AM

Finally, TED5000 interfaces with the new google application, “Google Power Meter”.  It is an application that loads into your iGoogle homepage so you can let Google trend, monitor and track your energy usage.  You can monitor this from anywhere in the world.  BTW, the setup was only a few mouse clicks.

Fullscreen capture 1152009 104318 AM.bmp

The advantage of the iGoogle setup is that you can see how much energy is being used by your “Always On” electronics.  This is an actual numerical computation of the Killowatt hours used in the day for those mystery electronics that are sapping 400 watts ($27.00) out of the house monthly.  Also, you can compare what your energy usage is to other houses.  Apparently for my 4 bedroom house with two occupants, we are equivalent to in between a 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom house nationally.   The iGoogle application will even email me a detailed weekly energy report! 

There you have it.  Whole house energy monitoring that is accurate, easy to use and will help save in your energy use.  I have only started this about a couple of weeks ago and can’t have any real comparisons at the moment.  However, I have noticed that I am using the dryer less, turning off the AC when I leave, turning off the TV, using less hot water and turning off lights.  This is all caused by the psychological reinforcement of having the meter in a high traffic area combined with a graph for observing your dialy energy consumption habits .

I HIGHLY recommend that you get a TED5000.  I guess around $20.00-$30.00 saved per month minimum, it will pay for itself in a year, perhaps even less.


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