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32 years later, the 1939 Zenith radio is now working!

The video below is my little journey into videography.  I made it using the “imovie” program on the Macbook.  It was ridiculously intuitive and easy to use.  Technology has come a long way!

My father purchased this radio when I was 1-year-old.  It’s always been in the house and had been a beautiful piece of furniture.  I had since had it in my possession for the past 10 years.  For such a beautiful radio….it was a shame it never worked!  The reason was that the insides of the radio were completely gutted out when it was purchased. 

Over the past few years, he had purchased an identical radio and built up the electronics from scratch using the original schematic.  Anyway, watch the video to see how it came back to life,  the unique features of the radio that you don’t see anymore today and the first day it started finally making music.



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