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1988 Schwinn Paramount Restoration

I acquired my first road bike, a Schwinn Paramount.  This is a highly regarded bike from 1988.   It’s ugly, really ugly.  The triathalon handle bars dont’ help the look either.  It has Campagnolo Super Record parts as well as Shimano 7400 series brake levers.  I got a good deal and could probably make even more money back selling the bike as parts on Ebay.  But, for some reason, I can’t bring myself to do this.  Its american made, by a factory that is still in business, Waterford.  So, I convinced  myself to send the frame to them for a complete repaint and re-alignment.  I looked into having it powder coated, done by an auto shop, done by myself.  It was just simply worth it to be done right by the factory….and they were really cool to work with so far.  I am crossing my fingers the rust is not too bad to render the frame unusable.  

If it turns out that they can restore and make this frame back to new, then I will have an extremely nice bike!  Its going for a color change, the 50th anniversary metallic black, black saddle and white handlebar tape.  I am also going to be polishing parts and reassembling it.  It will be a bit of work into uncharted territory, but I never built a road bike and it should be a big learning experience for future bike projects.


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