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How to reduce your chances of getting killed on a bicycle

I read an article about someone who witnessed a cyclist get hit by a car. 


Fortunately, he lived.  The cyclist was following the bike lane.  After the accident, the eyewitness watched cyclists riding on the sidewalk and on the opposite flow of traffic.  Only one took the safest option by breaking away from the bike lane and crossing the dangerous intersection with traffic.   Unfortunately, that cyclist could have been ticketed because it is now illegal to break away from a bike lane with the passing of HB 971 in Florida (sponsored by Rep. Gary Aubuchon, R-Cape Coral).

We legally have “the right to the road”, but for all practical purposes  never assume drivers on the road know that….or care. 

This is something I have followed since first transitioning from a “sidewalk” rider to a “road rider with traffic” years ago.  I had eventually formulated some form of that rule after reading the book “The Art of Cycling” by Robert Hurst. 

I highly recommend any cyclist who uses the road to get this book.  It is a great read with plenty of useful information on all practical cycling skills to know regarding equipment, rules, defensive cycling habits, picking routes and mindset.  Not much filler, it was all useful. 

You will find that what happened in Orlando is one of many cases detailed in this book.  I read it again every now and then to reflect on whether my own cycling habits have been responsible or not.


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