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Metal Lathe

I always wanted to work in a machine shop, for fun.  I hoped for that going into engineering school but never
got access to one.  I did the Society of Automotive Engineers thing, but the closest I got to machine was using
 a grinder, chop saw and hours and hours of manual sanding.  I had to sneak into the physics machine shop just
 to use a band saw one day.  I got plenty of theoretical instruction, but few hands on.  Since I finally have a
 garage that I can work in for 4 seasons, it was time to start expanding my metal working capabilities.

  I scored a 9x20 lathe, made by Jet, recently on Craigslist.  It was only 7 years old and the seller was the 
original owner.  I figured this would be nice to work on to develop my skills.

Speaking of which, I am fully aware that this is something I can't just "jump into".  I am thankful for the 
wealth of information available on the internet for free.  For example, MIT has a complete "getting started"
 video series meant to educate robotics students on machine shop knowledge.  There is also a link for someone
 who created the "virtual machine shop" for FREE online training.  I have to say that this link provided not
 only very educational machine shop knowledge, but also a wake up call for the state of manufacturing in the
 USA as a whole.  

Anyway, here's the link to the videos: http://www.home-machine-shop.com/links-7-books.htm

Here's the link to the state of the machine tool trade which in my opinion translates into the
 state of manufacturing for the USA:  http://www.jjjtrain.com/vms/problem.html

One response

  1. Elvis Newton

    Hmm – I think I see a bike accessory product starting to emerge out of a block of aluminum

    July 13, 2011 at 9:28 pm

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