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Rust Removal Made Easy

Rust removal is a messy job that usually can cause unintended damage, like paint removal.  Google “rust removal” and you will find many methods, like naval jelly or baking soda and water electrolysis solutions.  All of these methods seem to remove rust, but still cause some type of change to the metal or remove more than just the rust.

They best solution is a product called “Metal Rescue”.  (Its name is synonymous with my choice of music after a long day of work…) They claim it is “safe on everything but rust”.  They are not kidding, it works wonders.  Here’s a treatment of a bottom bracket that had rust.  I made a bath for the solution out of aluminum foil.  I pour


ed it around the bottom bracket and let it sit for a day.  The next day, all the rust is gone.  The only thing left was the bare metal and the original paint, which  was completely unharmed.


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