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Teledyne Titan

The Teledyne Titan all titanium bicycle frame.

It’s as if Raytheon made a microwave ovens or Grumman made an aluminum canoes. Wait….they actually did!    As an American aerospace firm, they took on the project of an Englishman by the name of Barry Harvey to create America’s first titanium bicycle frame.  It had unique feature just for the purpose of making it all titanium such as cast titanium dropouts and fork crown, oversized titanium tubing and lugless construction.  Manufacturing was made more efficient by mass producing the rear triangle and having it used for all sizes (as noted by the offset at the seat post tube for this size).  It even featured a reduced tubing diameter so that standard clamp-on fittings could be attached.

It had all the great features of a 1970’s high-end American design:  innovation, over-engineering and high price for those willing to pay for it.  Sure, it had its flaws, like the potential for cracks to happen.  This frame actually had one, right at the bottom bracket, but it was fixed with a nice thick weld.  It’s not a perfect design, but it represents the material form of one’s aspiration to build the best for that time.   This model is serial number #18 out of 2000.

More history on the Teledyne Titan:



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