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Vino Vida Cabernet wine kit




I decided to work on brewing a cabernet wine.  Learning from the experiences of the pinot noir wine, I will take a slightly different approach.

1.  I will rack the wine three times and de-gas it after each racking.

2.  I made a temperature control chamber that will keep the wine set at an optimal temperature for the entire fermentation process.

3.  I will be eliminating all of the chemicals and using only the juice, sulfites (kills bacteria for long term storage), potassium sorbate (stops the yeast for making your wine bubbly again) and yeast.  I remember taking a few tastes of these chemicals and they were very tart!  I can see the need for the supplies, but everything else seemed oriented at clarifying the wine. I think racking it between carboys should do the trick without the chemicals.


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