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Central Machinery Horizontal Bandsaw – It Cuts and Slices Metal

I picked up a Central Machinery hydraulic feed horizontal bandsaw when I realized that cutting metal stock by hand was just not going to cut it.  It required a little work to get it into proper working condition.

The previous owner thought it would be a good idea to fill the cutting liquid tank with motor oil.  Cleaning it up was a very messy ordeal.  I replaced the oil with the water based SynKool synthetic cutting liquid.

Then it didn’t cut straight, even after aligning the blade.

 I replaced the blade with a 6 tpi blade based on the Machinery’s Handbook.  It was the Lennox brand and the new blade seemed to solve the problem.  The bandsaw slices though metal like a hot knife in butter.  I was a little concerned the 6 tpi blade would be too coarse of a blade, but that sizing was perfect in combination with the hydraulic feed, giving nice and smooth cuts.


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