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Life brings the unexpected sometimes. Here’s one in the form of our new and third cat, “Sticky”. That’s the name he was given from the adoption agency, and he lives up to his name – he will stick to you. He first bonded with my wife, giving approving purrs and biscuit making. He did the same thing to me…that day. I guess he knows good owners when he sees them.

He’s two years old and had a rough upbringing being raised by an unappreciative cat hoarder. He went through a couple adoptions later, not by his fault, just circumstances that didn’t work out (allergies, young kids). But here I am, typing about him, and he is next to me smiling and being the most lovable cat…I hope this works out for him. He’s in a nice place too, – a tall two story cat tower (the house) plenty of kitty tvs (windows) and well, two new cats to be buddies with.

Cats pick their owners, not the other way around. If you ever consider getting one, consider going to the humane society and visiting all different types that are there. There are many older cats that need a good home and unnecessarily get passed up for the kittens. Or the black cats…there’s nothing unlucky about them. They are the nicest breed and I am lucky to have one. No experience necessary, just be there. You will probably and most unexpectedly find one you didn’t expect to bond with. It doesn’t matter if they are a kitten or 7 years old, if you bond, than its the right match.



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