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New Lathe

The 9×20 lathe is known as a “kit” lathe as a number of modifications would need to be performed for it to be optimized for a variety of operations.

It was great to learn off of, but it was time to upgrade.

I came across an amazing deal of an enco 12×36 lathe. Actually, I thought it was a great steal for the lathe itself as they were selling it for way less than a typical used lathe of this model would sell for. When I went to go see it, I didn’t expect for it to actually be equipped with a DRO, tachometer and a Baldor 3 phase motor with VFD! It came with extras a such even larger 3 jaw chuck, back plate, a 4 jaw chuck, 5c collet drawbar, live center and qctp with tool holders. Considering what I bought it for and what it would have cost to get the 9×20 to a capability that would not pass the 12×36, this was a no-brainer purchase. I sold the 9×20 lathe that day as well so I am looking forward to getting this new lathe started.






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