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The new CNC – EMCO PC Mill 50

I sold the Taig and my new CNC had just arrived this Friday by freight delivery.  While the Taig was a great machine to learn from for the price, there were some things I learned I needed to add to it to make it capable of doing the work I wanted.

Here are the things the attracted me to the EMCO PC50 mill (which was upgraded by the previous owner)

– Made in Austria from a company that makes high precision VMCs for manufacturing
– cast iron table, column, ways
– oil ports
– quick change tool holders. BT30 or cat30 sizes
– 1hp motor with aftermarket VFD
– Aftermarket Gecko 540 controller and stepper motors
– all ways and stepper motors are covered
– steel enclosure with polycarbonate sliding sheila
– home and limit switches
– ballscrew design
– emergency stop switch
– all electronics package in the enclosure

As you can see I could have added a lot of the upgrades to the Taig, but I would have taken a lot of time.  For me, the disadvantage I see is that the machining footprint is smaller and about 5″w x 8″d x8″ height. But the accuracy improvements and ability to do multiple tool changes, tapping and finishing operations more than makes up for the deficiency.

I also got a trico md-1200 micro drop system for cooling and lubrication of the tool bits – so this enclosure will help keep the chips contained.



2 responses

  1. How much amps do you use for the drivers and motors ?

    September 2, 2012 at 11:41 am

    • daus300b

      For 110v, the power supply is 10 amps and the motor is 10 amps, so it should be up to 20amps draw. However, I don’t think the steppers will take the full 10 amps. I do have this running on a dedicated circuit with a low power computer. I hope to get this started sometime soon, so we will see how well this works.

      September 2, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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