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Mill progress

Whew, that’s a lot of bondo and sanding. I purchased a touch up air sprayer and that has put on a nice coat of paint. Taking the helpful advice from Jim at “benchtest.com” (who also rebuilt a similar mill) he advised scraping instead of grinding the gibs. I did my first scraping job on it with dykem. I had a cheap version of a scraper from Grizzly that I ground and honed. I managed to get an even patch on the vertical gibs, but the control is difficult! A dial indicator on the knee shows about 1 thou tilt per 5″ from moving the knee up and down. The knee is also perpendicular, which it definately was not prior to disassembly. All my gibs are bowed about 3 thou and worn down flat (someone probably thought the table locks were there to tigthen the play on the table…), so I think scraping these down flat should at least be the first priority before reassembly.







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