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Canon 10x42l IS binoculars

I had been on a quest for some really good binoculars. I had a pair of Steiner, 7×50 commander V’s. it was the first pair that showed how well things could be with a quality set. It was well built and has an ability to brighten objects in low light conditions, almost like night vision. While it was a good pair I kept wondering if what I got was as good as it gets, or could it be better.

I got a chance to compare it with the Canon 10x42l IS. It featured a 10×42 magnification and image stabilization. What I immediately noticed was the depth of view, it was like having bionic eyes. Like the Steiner, it also had an ability to brighten low light conditions. I would say it was almost equal. The best feature was the image stabilization combined with the increased magnification of 10x. You don’t realize how necessary it is to have them until you turn it off. Image stabilization makes objects clearer and text legible. Following planes with it looks like flight tracking that you would see in rocket launches. Overall, I am very impressed.

In an attempt to show the image of the Canons, below are some shots with the iPhone by itself and then with the iPhone through he binoculars.








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