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The Tool and Die Guy

The Tool and Die Guy

I had been following Phil Kerner and his YouTube video series for about a year.  His videos detailed a lots of experience regarding machining in the tool and die industry.  In this industry a lot of skills and knowledge get passed down from machinist to machinist. 

I am an engineer, but I think like a machinist in my designs.  It makes my solutions practical and ultimately take less time and money to produce.  Since taking on machining as a hobby I I found the skills valuable as they transferred directly to my career.  

Phil Kerner (thetoolanddieguy.com) takes 35 years of his experience and now puts his videos on a pay version of his site.  You can get an annual subscription for $48 and a “lifetime” for $68.  I recommend getting the lifetime now.  The information you get from this is a fraction of the cost to attend a machining course.  Its high quality and he’s telling you everything you need to know in a clear and concise manner.  $68 is a steal in my opinion – I don’t know how long he will keep the price as his courses are getting very popular, so I would jump on it if you think it is worth your time. 


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