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Teledyne Titan Restoration Completed

I finally finished my most ambitious bike restoration to date, the Teledyne Titan.

A little bit about it:

– Full Titanium Campagnolo Super Record Group
– Modified Super Record brakes to nut mount instead of recessed
– Machined Super Record hub to convert to 5 speed
– Custom 5 speed Regina hub
– Tubular tires with Mavic GP4 rims
– San Marco saddle with matching leather handlebar tape
– Cinelli handlebar
– Braided Steel Cable Housings

There was to be no compromise for its build. I wanted it to look like what a dream build would have looked like in the final days of its production run. I kept with the blue, grey and white theme throughout the whole build. Little details like the stainless braided cable housings paid tribute to Teledyne’s aerospace heritage. The only thing missing would be the super record headset, the titanium axle and maybe some custom fluting on the stem. But those additions were something I could live without.

The Teledyne Titan is the world’s first production titanium bicycle. Despite implementing mass production techniques such as cast titanium components, it was still a very expensive bike back then. I don’t think you will every see it built like this again in the near future, especially the titanium fork. That being said, I present photos of the completed build.









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