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New edition – a new mill!

The mill rebuild project that I had been working on has taken too long. I would spend way too much time and money to build up a mill that would have less capability than a bridgeport. However, I learned exactly what I needed to get through this rebuild for the next machine. After months of shopping, I found a mill that was in the condition and price that seemed attractive enough to get. It is a Kondia/Clausing FV-1. This mill is a bridgeport copy from spain. However, the quality of this seems to be up to the level of a bridgeport. It seemed moderately used and had a powerfeed and DRO. Most importantly, it ran smooth and the ways were tight and smooth in all directions. The ways were also hardened. Its not perfect. I had to replace the quill spring and add a VFD. The power feed for the quill needed repair already. But its getting there and at the moment will not require a complete teardown. I want to start making chips, not repair machines.






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