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End of the Blog.

For anyone reading this, you’ve probably noticed a lack of posts. I started it about 6 years ago or so as a way to give back little things learned along the way from other blogs I have read. ¬†Priorities have changed and the time has come to shut down the blog. ¬†Thanks for reading!


Detroit by Bike

I had a chance to bike Detroit by bicycle. It was a great exercise as I biked in areas I probably should not have – regardless a great tour of the city. In my opinion, Detroit is a great little gem that has great promise.

*note – parts ARE dangerous as it is a city faced with high crime and economic decline. Generally the path is north-south and east west from the center of the city. When in doubt – ask a friendly local as I found most locals were helpful and friendly.










2013 is over!


I had not posted much since July. That was around the time I learned my mother in law got cancer. From then on I had to re-focus my priorities to being there for my wife. Her mother passed later that year and it was difficult to say the least. Life goes on and that it about how 2013 ended.


I am now back in college! Through circumstances and opportunities, I am pursuing my MBA in management. I am excited to learn more about this area and apply the skills to my career.

Tried and liked for 2013

Kondia Manual Mill – great accessory for building things on the fly. It took some time to restore – but works very well.

Rivendell Sam Hilborne – I finally have a “do it all” no compromise bike to go where I want.

Canon iS 10×42 binoculars – Having them has been great for trips – image stabilization is a must

Camping – Started at New Years last year, ended at New Years last year. Not too many trips – but worth it.

Shortwave radio – my father is working on a nifty little project to put a short wave radio into a car. Its been a fun project getting that working.

USGI military surplus 100% wool blanket – Who knew that this vintage item would be so useful? Keeps you warm and is versatile.


Tesla Boy!! Perhaps my favorite find of 2013. I saw them play in Orlando recently and they put on a great show.

I also saw Toad the Wet Sprocket, the reunion of UK as well as Dweezil Zappa’s Frank Zappa tribute.

That’s all! I hope you have a wonderful 2014!


Rivendell Sam Hillborne double tube

Here are photos of the complete Rivendell Sam Hillborne build. I took it out for a spin today. It’s a great ride, especially with the double top tubes. The frame is pretty much near perfect for me and much stiffer over the single tube version in a 60cm size. In the photos, you notice a unique way to mount shimano deerhead shifters to the stem. The front bag is a vintage leather camera bag that I added supports to adapter to the rack. Steel supports were welded to the nitto racks and the racks were powder coated. A bracket was fabricated for the rear light.







Drill repair

I destroyed the motor of my Milwaukee drill. To replace it, I needed special security torx bits and had to make a custom tool with an extension.



Motor fan repair

This was my first attempt at aluminum MIG welding. 4 vanes were damaged (missing) on the fan of the mill motor. The caused vibration from the imbalance. New vanes were cut from a bandsaw and welded. I thought I needed to dynamically balance it, but it ran so smoothly that I decided to skip that.



Self healing machines

The advantage of having a mill, lathe and welder is that each machine can contribute to make parts to repair themselves. Since getting the mill, I discovered some parts needed to be custom built for repairs. This is a modification of the quill lever which needed a couple dimension changes and a new circle hole pattern. Holes were filled in with a welder, turned down on the lathe and new holes drilled on the mill.